Animal or human forms appear and shape themselves in my poetic chafings. More than a simple impression, for me, painting constitutes a real need, a vital force that guides me on this path that I have never ceased to tread. From my mirror image reflected through my paintings, I know that in my vast freedom, I need to preserve myself to ensure that I don’t lose site of the journey I have promised myself.

More than simple courage, I use my diligence to draw out the most natural of my gestures and realize my canvass. These poetic states, the fruit of the path I have trodden, create a balance or a power struggle. They are intended to be a sensitive representation of the impetus of life. For me, this capacity to maintain the fragile balance of life is a source of inspiration.

As someone who has once given life, I wouldn’t dare to speak of birth at every new work, but from deep inside, I uproot the childhood which gravitates alongside my memories. No barriers, no prison, no violence and no accusations will darken the context within which I am travelling, and I embrace the ambition which is progressively guiding me towards the freedom to be an artist.


Laetitia Deschamps